Taking on responsibility, shaping the future, earning a return — discover impact-oriented investment.

A startup has taken on the task of seeking an alternative protein supply.

Invest in the future with Illucens.




Taking on responsibility, shaping the future, earning a return — discover impact-oriented investment.

Impact-oriented investments are the future. These investments make it possible to generate financial returns as well as allowing the invested money to work positively for the environment and society as a whole.

Illucens is an impact-oriented investment. It produces alternative protein products from the Hermetia Illucens (Black Soldier Fly) economically, sustainably and environmentally friendly on an industrial scale and thus reduces the considerable exploitation of our earth to obtain protein from soy and fish meal.

It is a forward-looking and profitable industry that is becoming more and more important and the demand will outstrip supply for many years to come.

The Illucens investment in brief:

Future market with high development potential (worldwide meat consumption will double by 2050).

Only two investor rounds are foreseen: 2019 with an investment volume of 500 thousand Euro and 2020, one million Euros.

From 2021: Assets are financed from free cash flow generated from the ongoing business


Ecological and social benefits

Development of a valuable high protein alternative
Reduction of CO2 emissions caused through livestock farming

Protection of our forests by reduction of deforestation for land reclamation

Protection of our seas and waters against overfishing

Recycling of food waste

Doing something that helps shape the future

Financial benefits

Break even in 2019

Positive ROE from 2019

Manageable investor pool — only two financing rounds

Attractive value increase between financing rounds

From 2019 growth coming from the FCF

Do you like the idea?

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For further information you can contact the founders of Illucens directly on the contact form below. All requests will be treated in the strictest confidence.

We appreciate your interest in Illucens.

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