From protein food to bio fertilisers — our product range is based on peer reviewed research, and a great deal of experience.

For us to survive as a species, requires a radical new approach. Illucens has been contributing to changing the world and providing a new solution with our products and our experience. As early as 2008 we started breeding insects to feed domestic and zoo animals (and the list of animals continues to grow as legislation opens up). We specialise in the breeding of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens), because its larvae contains such high-quality ingredients such as protein and amino acids as well as minerals and various fatty acids (good fats), which are extremely important for an animal’s diet.

Hermetia Illucens consists of:
42% protein, 35% fat, calcium, vitamins, amino acids and minerals

Our next step is to expand our facilities to a level that raises the output to an industrial scale. Helpful in achieving that is the many years of experience in breeding these flies and the use of modern technology. The Illucens larvae farm is built environmentally friendly and sustainably— to ensure the highest grade of protein for the growing demands of the future.

The Hermetia Illucens (BSF) is a valuable contributor to a nutritious and balanced animal diet.

Through excellent housing conditions and the feeding of only high-quality and specially prepared feed, we can increase the levels of the desired ingredients in our products. The result is an insect that outperforms all other insect species in terms of its ingredients: It has a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio of about 3.4: 1 (for comparison: Pinkies 0.1: 1, buffalo worms 0.25: 1) and a crude protein content of 16.5% and a fat content of only 12.9% (all values based on the fresh mass).

The larvae are versatile and suitable as feed for various species and we offer them in a variety of different forms:

Alive or dried, they are the ideal protein feed for ornamental birds, aquariums, animals and parrots.

Larvae granules
We can grind the larvae into flour or extrude them into a granular form which is required for fish farming. Due to their high protein content, the larvae is also used as additive in more and more dog food varieties (as healthy treats or as complete dry dog food). BSF also plays a major role in the diet of dogs suffering from allergies.

Larvae oil
This extraction has the highest level of protein concentration and is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Illucens Compost
Illucens compost is another product that is very popular because of its unsurpassable growth properties. We make the compost fresh from vegetable raw materials mixed with the protein nutrients of the BSF.

Other feed animals
In addition to the Hermetia Illucens larvae, you can also purchase other feed animals from us, e.g., crickets, migratory and desert grasshoppers, worm beetle larvae, mealworms and zophobas.


The larvae of the Hermetia Illucens serve as valuable food for many animals with more to come

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