Hermetia Illucens. This sustainable protein miracle is resource-saving, highly reproductive and feeds on organic waste.

Sometimes the greatest solutions are in fact tiny: in the case of the Black Soldier Fly, the Hermetia Illucens is only about 14 to 17 mm long. And yet, this tiny fly can make a significant contribution to feeding the growing world population.

Within just a few weeks its tiny larvae grow into a remarkable source of protein. For livestock such as cattle, chickens or fish, which are consumed by nearly 8 billion people, the animal feed from the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly is ideal as a high-quality protein feed. In addition, this form of protein recovery is many times more sustainable than the conventional production of soy and fish meal.


Hermetia Illucens can feed on bio-waste

The larvae needs very little space, no rainforests need to be cleared for their breeding, no arable land needs to be fertilized or treated with pesticides, no valuable water resources are depleted or wasted, or fish stocks decimated for fodder meal.

The larvae feed on biowaste, which is already available in large quantities. That’s why the breeding of Hermetia Illucens (BSF) is a sustainable and effective answer to the urgent questions regarding the future of our planet.


Six extraordinary facts prove that BSF can contribute to improving the world.

It feeds on what’s already there
As long as it is organic and not alive, it is eaten. It feeds on biowaste and therefore, food that is thrown away (in a big way). It does not even need water as the moisture in the feed is sufficient. In just three weeks, the larvae of Black Soldier Flies grow 15,000 times their original size.

It replicates at a rapid pace.
The fly itself only lives a few days, it has no mouth or digestive organs and its only task is to reproduce. A BSF lays around 500 eggs which take about 21 days to develop into a commercially viable product.

It lives in a confined space
A tonne of Black Soldier Fly larvae live in a space that is as big as the interior of a Smart Car

A tonne of Black Soldier Fly larvae needs a space no bigger than a Smart

It is extremely clean
The digestive system of the larvae destroys all harmful bacteria in their food. In addition, the leftovers are processed so quickly and efficiently that no smell is created.

It is full of protein
Ingested food is most efficiently converted by the larvae into protein. At the end of the three feeding weeks, they consist of about 50% protein, about 60% more than a steak.

It is waste-free
The entire animal is usable — completely! The larvae consist only of fat and protein and their excretions are a high quality, biological fertiliser. All aspects of BSF farming, produces valuable raw materials used in other industries: — from protein-rich feed, to flour, to oils, and for plant fertilisers.